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Thursday, 27-Apr-2006 17:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tatoo aka Pacar & Dark Lords/Sith Lord

Lord Nacatus
Lord Nacatus @ Darth Nacatus
Darth Nacatus
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Here some pics that i took. Pics of a so called tatoo =p aka henna or 'pacar' in malay that i asked my sis to do on my body parts. Kanji or chinese word meaning love is written on my shoulder, cute little wings on my back (i wanted a rugged wings though), sun on my abs and also pics of me being a Sith Lord or Dark Wizard Lord. Well,if im in Star Wars Darth Nacatus they named me and if in Harry Potter or The Lord of The Rings, Lord Nacatus is the name which people feared off. LOLz..


syaz @ nacatus

Tuesday, 28-Mar-2006 21:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark
TIring day~

British Museum
the museum
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Dear journal,

Actually i was suppose to wake early diz morning, but then i end up waking up late. Luckily i was on time to meet up Shuvvy. hehe.. we went to meet up at 11ish am near Nike Town. 1st we went to Denmark Street to buy some guitar stuffs for my friends and then we went to have lunch somewhere near.I oredered Fish and Chips..but it was suck!!the fish didnt taste really good and i can still see the skin of the fish. yuck!!

Anyway, we planned to go to the British Museum but then Shuvvy forgot where it is. So we walk and walk and walk till we found it. haha.. its a very large white building. It look like an ancient greek buildin. LoLz.. So we went in and IT WAS HUGE!! i saw pots, armours, writtings, mummies, weapons, clocks, pots again, statue, coffin, stones, pots again and another pots and another pots. LOADS OF POTS LAH!! haha.. the best thing that i like about the museum was the BIG LIBRARY!! its round and huge... haha.. ooo ooo... i like the grandfather clock also. it made a very nice music. i 4got wat it is called.

It took us 2hrs to go jln2 in the museum but we didnt even finish visiting the whole area. IT WAS TOO BIG!! haha.. and its free. i like free stuffs. LOLz.. so when we finished, we went to nearby Starbucks and get a cup of drinks and rest for a while. when its time oledi, shuvvy sent me to bus stop where we have to split up coz she had to go to a dinner. So i went to Hyde Park and go jln2 for a while, looking for a nice spot to play football. 1st i was playing alone though, juggling the ball and kicking it to a tree.hehe.. then a few mins later, there was a Nigerian dude (which i 4got wat his name was,i think Lidu) asked me whether he can join me playing football or not. So we were passing the ball lah. A few mins later a few white dudes came and join us. and we played 4 vs 4 football. we use out bags as a gol post.haha.. it was fun but cold.

When we've done playing like about 6ish pm, i went back home lah. but actually i din know which part or which side of Hyde park i was, so i got lost. haha.. so i juz kept on walking looking for a bus stop that goes to my apartment. it took me more than 15mins to look for it. haha.. arrived home i clean myself up. hehe..

it was fun today but tiring. and it was really cold coz it was raining today. ok then. i think that is all. bye then..


syaz @ nacatus

Monday, 27-Mar-2006 22:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
RockstarPilot had left..

bungsu suri, nacatus, dk love, RockstarPilot
bungsu suri, nacatus, dk love, RockstarPilot
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Dear Journal,

I woke up late again today coz i was really tired yesterday. Super tired. that it is why i didnt updated yesterday.anyway, today i went out with my bro after we had our lunch. we went to search a video game shop and my bro bought me Pro Evolution Soccer for PSP. hehe.. it cost about GBP35. after that we went back home coz my bro have to go back to Glasgow. He left here at around 5pm UK time.i'm gonna miss him again =p but hey..he's coming back home next month.hehe..

after that me, my aunt, her husband and the husband's sis went to bond street where there loads of super branded boutique sold der. mahal orh~~ haha.. but i like the LV's sunglasses and flip-flops.then we went to Lillywhites again and i bought a super cheap Umbro ball juz for GBP3.kana belanja plang tu =p then went to Regeant Street and Oxford Street again. At Oxford St. i went to New Look shop and bought a watch for meself. That also kana belanja by the sis of my uncle.

i think that is all.not very interesting eh?well, bye then.


syaz @ nacatus

Sunday, 26-Mar-2006 03:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Saturday Night out

RockstarPilot and Nacatus
im much cuter than my bro right? =p
my aunt took this pic while i was usai2 my beanie
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Dear journal,

I WOKE UP VERY FUCKING LATE THIS AFTERNOOOOOON~~ wahaha.. woke up at around 12ish in the afternoon.i woke up when my bro, RockstarPilot, oledi arrived here. He was from Glasgow, Scotland. He works there as a Pilot. That is not important. This journal is about me. So im not gonna talk bout him. LOLz..

So i woke up and wanted to take my shower. But then, the heater didn't work and made the water to the very fucking cold like ice water. So we called up the porter and asked him what had happened. He said its gonna take a while to fix it cz it'll took the engineer to come here for an hour. THAT LONG?!! I had another option. By heating up water on the stove and bring it down to the toilet and put it in the sink. haha.. so i took my morning shower like that lah rather than taking shower pakai the friggin cold water. gila ih..

Anyway, everyone here go jln to buy shoe for the kids 1st and come back home. after that, my aunt, my bro and i went to Nike Town to refund my usless Nike bag which i bought last thursday and we did it. We also when to Topshop and H&M after that. I bought a pair of t-shirts and loads of accessories for myself.hehe.. then we went back home and had our dinner.

We rest for 1 hour than my bro and i went to Fatoush for SheSha. My bro's friend who is female Malaysian joined us there and we hung out for 2hrs. After that we went to meet my aunt, her husband, the husband's cuz and their nephew at Liecester Square. There we went to a casino. wahaha... so main lah di sana. but i didnt. I juz watch them playing plus im broke. hehe.. After that we went jln2 in the city and i saw loads of drunk people. I saw drunk dude on the ground, drunk dude flashing his ass, drunk dude carried by a friend and loads and loads of hot chicks. hehe..

Finally we took a cab an went back home. Guess what time now? its 4am in the morning. i know people in brunei now is having their lunch now. right? hehe.. i have to go now. so, tkae care then. oh ya btw, FYI the time difference oledi changed to 7hrs differ. bye then..


syaz @ nacatus

Saturday, 25-Mar-2006 01:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Rainy Friday

Karen XD
Some statue inside whiteleys
bewbies... =p
Dear Journal,

Last night, i couldn't sleep. I dunno why. I got the chance to sleep like around 6am in the morning.i sllept for 5hrs only.Gila~~ anyway,it was raining since last night.The sun didnt shine really bright today coz the clouds were too thick.and the rain keeps on come and go. i went out with my aunt, her husband, the husband's bro and wife and the husband's nephew who live here in London. 1st we went to Whiteleys by bus.

As usual, i didnt get anything. hehe.. Then we went to Peddington. We jln2 there but didn't buy anything. We only stopped at some small halal fast food restaurant and get some burgers coz we've been craving to eat fast food. Soon after, we took a bus and stopped at Picadilly Circus. Stopped by at a gold shop and my uncle's bro bought some stuffs there. After that we went to some shop along the Regeant Street.

After that we went to Lillywhites again to get some t-shirt for my other uncle back in Brunei. I bought a small pouch for me self. After spending our time there for an hour, we went to Oxford Street...AGAIN. oo ooo..i went to some shop there, and bought a leather bracelet for me self. Then we went onwards again. Actually my aunt wana go to Next Shop, but then it was oledi closed. So we went on again to go to M&S. but im oledi bored going there so,i went to New Look store. and guess what?i bought 2pairs of jeans for GBP35 and a bag for GBP12. hehe.. well, i paid for the bag but my aunt bought me the jeans. hehe.. so nice eh..

after that we went straight back home. When we arrived home, it started to rain heavily. *phew* lucky ih.. Oh ya..i was watching 50 Frist Date just now, and i found a very humourous joke. Do u guys know that a Walrus are the mamals which have the 2nd biggest penis in the whole world? and r u wondering which mamal have the biggest penis? well, its mine.. hahaha.. pacah2.. okok.. enough with da dirty joke. bye then..


syaz @ nacatus

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